On Maturity

I think age is just a number where maturity is concerned. There is no direct or inverse proportion between the two.

I also think that Maturity is not a one time process like attaining Enlightenment for example. It is rather, an ongoing process. You can’t sit meditating under the Bodhi Tree and one day open your eyes and say – I am mature now! And also Maturity is not a one size fits all. You could be mature in certain things and still be immature in others.

When I was in college I used to marvel at one of my friends who used to single handed cook for her entire family while pursuing her Engineering. I, on the other hand did not know how to boil an egg. At that age, I used to consider her the maturest among our group of friends.Fast forward a few years. We are still great friends and we took a trip with our group of friends. There were certain times during the trip wherein I thought that she did not display the same level of maturity that I expected of her. I realized that somewhere along the way I had overtaken her in the maturity department related to certain stuff. In many aspects I realized that she was way more mature than I was. I am sure from her viewpoint, she thinks the same about me. That I am still the very immature friend I was all those years ago in some aspects and that I have matured in some others.

Yet, there are certain times where I feel appalled at some people’s (im)maturity levels. I am like how could they be so advanced in years and so behind in maturity. The answer I have found to that question is that maturity is dictated by circumstances and the kind of people you are surrounded with. I have seen that when you are surrounded by immature people, then you attain maturity earlier. Maybe because you can feel how their immaturity is effecting your life and go about not being like them from an early age. So yes a 10 year old who faces tough life situations I believe matures earlier than a 40 year old who has had a relatively easy life.

As I said at the beginning of the answer Age is just a number for Maturity. It just doesn’t matter.